Indore Management Institute – Your Success Story Starts Here

Smart organizations look for skilled and smart thinking students for their early assignments. In order to develop them with “Analytical Mindset & Thinking Abilities”, business schools are required to continuously challenge their paradigm of teaching pedagogy and help students break out of there.

Established in the year 2008, the central purpose of Indore Management Institute (IMI) is to enrich the young minds by stimulating and sustaining a spirit of inquiry, directed at understanding the scientific, technological and cognitive aspects of working in organizations. IMI undertakes activities designed to accelerate critical thinking and thus enlarge the intellectual and creative capacities of its students.

At IMI, every faculty has moved beyond the usual management education pedagogy and instead uses power of innovative thinking to hone smart decisions making abilities of each and every student. As we strongly believe in the value of quality and creative education for preparing responsible citizens, our placement record and rankings on diverse platforms as a “Top Business School” establishes our credentials to reckon with. Further, as global competitiveness has become sine quo non for the success for all, including management education, the route taken by us include optional foreign visits by students.



“The best way to predict a future is to create it”, as said by the management guru Peter Drucker. At IMI we make all possible effort to ensure that every student creates the bright future on the campus itself and walks out with head high on completion of the program.


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