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Indore Management Institute

Brand Identity

Historically educational institutions of repute have always been given due importance to holistic branding, which in turn helped enhance their reputation and standing as institution brands. At Indore Management Institute, for over 13 years we have diligently strived uphold and enhance our reputation and standing with a view to attract talented students, accomplished faculty & professionals and also reputed organizations for placements and life-long executive education.

Our Logo

Our brand identity is the representation of the courage to rise above. Our logo is the reflection of IMI’s innovative and progressive mindset. IMI empowers its students with the courage to do the same, by pushing them to think differently and independently.

Symbols depicting human represents the four personality attributes of IMI brand – authentic, dynamic, grounded and innovative.

Orange is an optimistic, energetic and uplifting colour that represents institute’s determination to create value- based leaders who balance profit with a purpose.

Green symbolizes intellect and wisdom, which empowers individual to face challenges.

Red symbolizes one’s vibrant attitude, which represents institute’s divination to develop vibrant professionals.

Blue symbolizes reaching the horizon, representing institutes perseverance of making every individual attaining goal for a bright future.


"Your Success Story Starts Here"

Our tagline respresents why we exist and how IMI can be a force for shaping the management education sector and the community at large.

 Brand Identity