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Indore Management Institute

President's Desk

Indore Management Institute a centre of management excellence always stands for the integral development of all the students. The motto of IMI ‘’inform and form to transform’’; shows what it does. It forms; it informs; and transforms. We form the human mind and intellect, we inform about various subjects and we transform our students into various professionals who would face the hard realities of life as well as profession.

Human being is endowed with lot of potentials. Every student finds himself, including his social commitment and mental abilities, only in contact with different personals especially with their mentors. So we concentrate a lot in selecting the mentors who are rich in knowledge honourable in behaviour and approachable in dealings.

Over the years, IMI has grown to symbolize all that is best in education. Excellence requires not only an unrelenting commitment to provide and work in the best professional environment but also a commitment to set in place a system that is updated and adapted to demanding challenges of the 21st century. We at IMI are committed to provide the future generation of respectable citizens of India all that is top-notch in the field of education.

When sky is the limit, dear students you must think positively, plan constructively and then implement wisely. You are the makers of your history and destiny. When your aspirations are embellished with almighty’s blessings, you can achieve greater goals. IMI helps you for this attainable goal, provided you have decided for it.


 President's Desk

Mr. A.K. Sethi