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Introducing IMI’s 12 exclusive certification programs
along with PGDM!

Mutual Fund Management:

IMI’s Mutual Fund Management aims to provide keen insights on various aspects of the functioning of the mutual fund industry with key objectives like:
• To provide knowledge about the management of mutual funds
• To provide an understanding of the complexities of mutual fund functions, both internally and externally
• To provide students with the knowledge of risks and rewards of investing in mutual funds.

Venture Capital & Private Equity:

The certification deals with the analysis of the private equity and venture capital business objectives majorly:
• Learning about the history of private equity and how it has helped shape the market.
• Understanding how private equity funds are structured and be able to measure the returns.
• Also learning about different types of private equity and how each one works and the intricacies of leveraged buyouts.

Rural & Event Marketing:

This particular certification is to gain comprehensive understanding of Rural Marketing & Events Industry. It aims to learn about the conceptual framework about Rural Market Introduction and Segmentation, Rural Marketing Research, Consumer Behavior, Rural Marketing Mix & New Product Development, Product Life Cycle & Brand Management, Retailing, Marketing Strategies for Indian Rural Market, Rural Marketing Of FMCG's.

Entrepreneurship Development:

IMI’s EDP training programme trains the aspirants to determine the objectives of their business and work individually. Understanding the objectives is very important as business starts and grows gradually by fulfilling the set objectives. The training also helps in finding the right dedicated professionals who can work towards business objectives. Achieving goals is an art that entrepreneurs develop with training.

Labour Legislation:

It aims at providing basic knowledge and legal skills in relation to dealing with labour law system. Also it provides, an opportunity for the students to receive advance instructions in the organizational relationship and interplay between existing labor-related legislation and changing industrial scenario.

Merchant Banking:

Through this Certification, a better understanding of various regulations in the Merchant Banking Domain is executed. The key outcomes are:
• Understanding various asset classes available for constructing a good portfolio
• Know about the various ratios which can be used for analyzing the risk return relationship in the portfolio.

Brand Management:

It is designed with an aim to provide students with a 360 degree view of various practical and applicable aspects of marketing and brand management that includes understanding different types of markets, competition, buyer behaviour and brand building. A sound understanding of such fundamentals helps students appreciate concepts of segmentation, targeting, positioning differentiating, pricing and branding strategies which are necessary to design effective marketing and branding strategies for the organization.

Wealth Management Program:

The certificate in wealth management program focuses on skills like Relationship building, Knowledge of Finance & Selling Skills for the enhancement of career prospects. The key factors are:
• To learn about the essential terms, concepts, theories and principles of Wealth management
• To be able to respond to the challenges brought about by the altering nature of the Financial Services Sector.
• To apply theoretical knowledge and skills in practical situations, both for themselves as well as for their clients

Personal Administration Application & Procedure:

This certification lays emphasis on one’s responsibility to think critically & to solve problems using appropriate policies & resources.

Retail Management:

Retail is a growing, fast-paced, and diverse industry with many opportunities for advancement. The certification program focuses on the concept of retail management, retailing trends, pricing and merchandising, segmentation, relationship marketing and information technology in retailing.

Commercial Banking:

Commercial Banking as a career has been growing at a very fast pace and offers exciting opportunities to learn about business, interaction with clients and develop business relations. The prime focus of this certification is to provide fundamentals of Interest rate risk, credit risk, liquidity risk & operational risk in order to ensure quick career progression.

Technical Analysis:

This program is designed to equip the students to understand & use all technical tools & Indicators. The course enables you to apply Technical Analysis on any Trading Instrument ie Stocks, Commodity, Forex Etc. It also helps you to deal with the psychological aspect of trading by developing a trading framework for better investment and trading output.